The Juggernauts Of Online Shopping

Years back, people used to trust only the things that are tangible to them. They used to shop for the products they could feel and make a perception accordingly. But now, after years of development, things have changed and we prefer shopping online rather than going to the market to purchase the products we like. Although, there still exist the majority that doesn’t trust these online stores like Flipkart or Amazon. People still have that misconception about these e-commerce stores, who are now a brand in themselves, that they might do a fraud or they might deliver products with defects. However, this mindset is still changing mainly due to the offers, discounts and the dirt cheap prices these big banners has to offer and through that, they aim to capture as much audience as they possibly can. They even provide their audience with further discounts and facilities through their respective Amazon offers and Flipkart offers, that not only surface at the time of Amazon sale and Flipkart sale but also during the other points of time. But how did these once recognized startups topped the rankings of the biggest e-commerce platforms in this whole wide world?

A Brief History Of Amazon

“Work hard, have fun, make history.”
-Jeff Bezos (Founder & CEO of Amazon)

This Washington, United States based online shopping website has been on the market for over 24 years and now, it has finally gained a name for itself and climbed to the top of the hill. Amazon started its journey by selling books and gradually moved on to the various other sectors and kept on increasing the categories for the users to choose from. Later on, Amazon has begun to venture into different countries and there too it rose to popularity faster than ever. It was because of the Amazon offers that this e-commerce website used to introduce and the discount it provided its user base with, at the time of their initial steps in the country. Recently, just around a year back, Amazon launched its Amazon Prime and if you subscribe to become a member of it, you will encounter such amazing Amazon offers and facilities including free delivery, early access to Amazon sale, free access to Amazon Prime video, and Amazon prime music. From selling books to now ruling the e-commerce market, Amazon has become the most trusted place to do your online shopping from.

A Brief History Of Flipkart

“You can never SWITCH OFF!”
-Sachin Bansal (Co-founder Flipkart)

Flipkart is an India based e-commerce website. Before there was Amazon, there was Flipkart in India and till date, the Indian audience trust and prefer shopping from Flipkart rather than Amazon. Although, sometimes there are these brand flirt people who shop for products via Amazon because Flipkart occasional have limited options to choose from. Sachin & Binny Bansal began their journey by selling Flipkart bookmarks in front of bookstores. And slowly but steadily they began to work hard and saw their ambition, their aim shape into reality. Since 2007 both of these founders know where each brick is set, that built Flipkart so big. Although, after Amazon India began to exist, Flipkart became the second most used online shopping website in India and number seven in this competitive world. Flipkart surely presents its audience with lucrative Flipkart offers even when there runs no Flipkart sale.

These people knew that they would face finite disappointments in their journey but they believed in their dream and never lost their infinite hope. Now, they are successful and living the life they only dreamt about and made their baby a brand, whose one stamp marks trust!


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