Book Review - And So You Can

Title - And So You Can
Author - Dr Roopleen
Genre - Inspirational/Self Help
Publisher - Power Publishers
ISBN - 978-93-86526-78-6

Dr Roopleen is back again with another blockbuster. This book is nothing less than sharing some of the stories of unsung heroes who lives amongst us performing their duties without any expectations. This book is a genuine attempt to bring to us these heroes who has taken up the noble profession - Medicine.

While many of us use to complain about various aspects of a physician which includes consultation fee charges, attention given to the patients, misleading them with evasive replies, referring to unnecessary tests including scans etc., we must also agree that this is not widely prevalent and even if it did, the control is always in our hands by complaining to the authorities concerned.

Through this book, you would enter into the lives of 17 physicians who are revered in their own field. What is really touching is to get to read in detail as to how these physicians struggled to come up in their lives. Out of 17, I found majority of them were into Ophthalmology though I am not complaining about it because each and every story is unique.

I liked the way the author has approached to present these real life stories in an interesting way as possible. There were no exaggerations but only the real facts and figures that these physicians have come across in their life. While this book is not attempting to glorify a specific set of physicians among the wide range of others, it is a genuine attempt to cover some of the best personalities which is really appreciable.

Though the book says that it is a must for every doctor and a medical student, I feel that this is a must for everyone especially the students because when they do read this book, it would inspire them to take up this noble profession for sure. Since we as a country is lagging greatly with regards to number of physicians which we require every year, I am sure that this book would go a greater extent in inspiring the youngsters to take this up as their career.

What I have liked the most about this book is the section which comes at the end of each inspiring story "Advice to young and aspiring doctors" and "Takeaway - Words of Wisdom" which were given by the respective doctors/physicians. Since they are by far one of the most successful professionals in their respective field, these words would go a long way in helping the youngsters to come up in their life.

Author has covered 17 different aspects by corresponding them to the respective doctors which includes Tenacity, Ever Onward, Self Belief, Bouncing Back,Fighting Spirit, Perseverance, Passion, Never Give Up, Fire in the belly, Positive Attitude, Resilience, Firm Resolve, Determination, Fortitude, Courage, Survival Instinct, Never Say Die which would be applicable in each and every person's life in different stages.

Each story is Inspiring. Unique and most importantly carries a message. 

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