Book Review - For the Sake of Love

Title - For the Sake of Love
Author - Anamika Mishra
Genre - Fiction(Romance)
Publisher - Westland Books
ISBN - 938685046X

A beautiful love story which strongly sends us the message that LOVE doesn't need age,culture,colour,money etc., and can sustain for decades. The story revolves around few characters  namely David, Jasmine, Alex, Twisha and Bobby. I could see how effectively these characters were used by the writer. While David was waiting for his lady love to return, Twisha finds her love with someone. There was a conspiracy as well which has led to some irreparable damage. 

Set in two different time periods, the story would enchant you from the beginning till the end. Remember, there is no profanity, vulgarity, lust but at the same time, the story is full of love and affection which is the need of the hour.

The story line was just about right with no exaggerations and most importantly, it would make you feel contended once you finish reading it. I am not taking any more details here because I may end up revealing the story. Do buy and read the book. You would not regret for sure.