Book Review - College Days

Title - College Days
Author - Devayu
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Pandora Box Press
ISBN - 978-93-5288-235-9

A simple novel but has an everlasting effect since it takes you back to your college days. If you haven't had the chance to study in a college(Regular), then, I am sorry. Devayu has recreated the magic of living the carefree life in the college where the only worry of a student is to get a pass mark, if not a good CGPA.

The story revolves around Neil, Chinu and Baba. While Neil is the protagonist, the other two were no less as they occupied an equivalent roles in this novel. What did I like the most about this novel is the presence of humour. Though the author did not claim this as one, the usage of words and the incidents would make you feel this without a slightest hinge.

The story line is simple and hence I wouldn't be going deep into it. What do we have experienced while studying in a college(P.S. Those who are hardcore education fanatics must stay away from this as you hardly would have come through any of the events mentioned in the novel)has been captured in a subtle way without compromising on various aspects like humour, love, struggle, pain among others.

Do not forget to send in your answers for the set of questions which the author has posted in the end. I am sure, you would be able to find some of them for sure :-)

I would surely recommend this book.

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