Book Review - She Walks,She Leads

Title - She Walks,She Leads
Author - Gunjan Jain
Genre - Non Fiction / Anthology
Publisher - Penguin Random House India
ISBN - 9780670088850

She Walks, She Leads is a non-fiction anthology written by Gunjan Jain. When I got the book, I was overwhelmed by the quality of the book. The book is surely bulky but having said that, when you are an avid reader and love reading books, this would for sure enthral you not only with the quality outside but also with regards to the content that it carried inside.

Honestly, I was confused as to what category this book would come into because according to me, this qualifies to be placed under various categories which includes Self Help, Motivation, General Knowledge among others.

I am not going to talk about the content of the book because that is what the book would give it in great detail to you but about the style in which it has been penned. This isn't a usual book which talks about people who has achieved but what made them achieve?

The book is divided into 6 parts which includes:

1. Altruism & Other Interests
2. Corporate, Banking & Law
3. Entertainment
4. Fashion, the Arts & Empowerment
5. Media
6. Sports

The book covers the lives and achievements of 24 renowned women personalities which includes

1. Nita Ambani
2. Rajashree Birla
3. Sudha Murty
4. Yasmeen Premji
5. Parmeshwar Godrej
6. Indra Nooyi
7. Chanda Kochhar
8. Arnavaz 'Anu' Aga
9. Naina Lal Kidwai
10. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
11. Zia Mody
12. Swati Piramal
13. Priyanka Chopra
14. Mira Nair
15. Shabana Azmi
16. Kareena Kapoor Khan
17. Anamika Khanna
18. Ritu Kumar
19. Jyotsna Darda
20. Shobhana Bhartia
21. Indu Jain
22. Mary Kom
23. Sania Mirza and
24. Saina Nehwal

The coverage was given in the same order as mentioned above in the book.

What makes this book unique?

Author has taken great struggle in meeting the people in person and got to make them speak. This makes this book more appealing since you get to hear from the "Lioness's Mouth" direct. While we are dumbstruck by the sheer power and command the above mentioned personalities wield in their respective field, what made them achieve that was not an easy journey.

Many of them hailed from a humble background and due to their sheer perseverance and hard work had rose to this level. Their passion and zeal to perform and excel in their respective field has been captured candidly by the author. 

There is a saying " Castles weren't built overnight" and this is very apt when it comes to the people featured in this brilliant book but also the book itself because it isn't easy to meet all the above mentioned personalities that easy in the first place and even if one did, it wouldn't be easy to get them talking and recording it in such a way that you feel that you yourself has converse with them.

To make it even more appealing, author has got various other famous personalities to get to speak about the women they have been associated with in the capacity of a friend, mentor, guru, husband among others.

I would sum up my review saying that this book is a MUST in every household and if you appreciate womanhood, the presence o this book would surely justify it. This would also be a perfect book to gift it your friends. I am 200% sure that you would agree to my viewpoint once you finish reading this book.

The book is available on Amazon