artykite - For the Literary Lovers

Literature is class. We all would have come across this during the school days. Some who had the passion would have gone further to pursue their dream course on literature whereas others would have ventured into other streams.

I am sure each one of us would have few friends among them who would die for this. Though we may not remember all the poems or the classics, we could immediately connect to some of the classics like Iliad, Odyssey, Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained, Daffodils to name a few.

It would be really nice to recall them especially when we meet that "Special Friend" who is very much crazy about these but had long forgotten them. I was casually browsing the internet when I wanted to gift something special to a good friend of mine who loved literature and stumbled upon artykite

I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with the very first sight of the website. It couldn't get unique than this.

What do they offer?

The site offers Decor Lamps, Posters, Jhola Bags( for those who keep travelling), Mugs, Notebook Diaries and Greeting Cards. Take a look at the site and you would really agree that those were unique for sure.

I bought some of them. Take a look at what I have got:

As you could see, each and every product is unique. While Rabindranath Tagore Poster was done with matte finish, Kabir's Poster was done with glossy finish. Rumi's is a greeting card.

You might ask what one could do with these?

The uses are many.

1. These can be pasted on cupboard or wall.
2. They can be laminated and kept.
3. Can be used as a Greeting Card.
4. The Blog Book can be used to make a note relating to your blog. Its time we kept a dedicated note for a blog. What say?

The products are reasonably priced.

Artykite fuses pop art, poetry and literature to create funky literary merchandise. The aesthetically designed products add poetic vibe to your monotonous routine.

This would be a unique way to show your love. These gifts would make a difference and would surely make your friend smile and remember you, forever.