Book Review - Pi Agency

Title - Pi Agency
Author - Neelabh Pratap Singh
Genre - Thriller Fiction
Publisher - Cosmos Prints
ISBN - 978-93-5311-006-2

A compelling thriller yet again by Neelabh. His first book "Resurrection of Evil" was a best seller and I am sure this would also go on to become one.

I was intrigued with the title, to start with. This wasn't a usual title which has kindled my interest t start reading it as soon as I received it. I would not mention the reason behind the title because it is for you to buy the book to find out yourselves :-)

The story revolves around the protagonist Rashmi Purohit who runs a detective agency ably assisted by her assistants Akshay and Diksha. They weren't a big agency until one day, a wealthy businessman reaches out to them to help him with an investigation.

Rashmi takes this up. While she was about to unveil the real culprits, she gets attacked. Her life was at stake. But her fighting spirits never let her down. To her surprise or rather a shock, she finds the culprit with the businessman,Brijesh Arya who has deployed her for the job.

What does the culprit has to do with Brijesh?

Is Brijesh masterminding these activities?

Then comes the other twist. The investigation leads to a more complicated web. Author has effectively used TOR,Bitcoins in this novel where it makes the investigations even more complete.

Did Rashmi succeed in unveiling all these?

What were these investigations all about?

Who was behind this?

Read this fast paced thriller to find out more. If you were expecting the usual ending, you are wrong. Yes. The ending reveals the mastermind who you wouldn't have predicted and even if you think you did, you would be proved wrong in the end which is the beauty of this story.

The book is available on Amazon