Some Very Dignified Disclosures

Title - Some Very Dignified Disclosures
Author - Anumita Sharma
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Pratishthaa Films & Media
ISBN - 978-93-87849-06-8

A well imagined story with an exhaustive story lineup. The book is divided into 32 chapters. The book talks about emotions as to how one would feel especially when he or she is alone. The protagonist is an imaginative character who has done complete justification to the character assigned.

Honestly speaking, it is really difficult to pen down a story capturing all the essentials of a human life without leaving aside a single emotion which would be a real jackpot for those who love a family related story line.

While what happens to Roli, the protagonist as she has witnessed her own father killing her mother, in the future is one of the most interesting plot, she comes across lot of events in her life which includes a priest who constructs his house with the items he gathered from the streets.

The story has also captured the love life of the Roli and how she fells in love with her man after being consoled by the wives of her landlord. If you are a lover of a fast paced stories or a thriller buff, you may not be liking this but having said that, if you appreciate a good story, this is something you wouldn't want to miss it.

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