Book Review - Homemade Facials, Masks & Beauty Tips

Title - Homemade Facials, Masks & Beauty Tips
Author - Kshama Rao
Genre - DIY
Publisher - Quills Ink
ISBN - 978-93-86367-16-7

The book is a easy to go one for the women who wants to enhance their beauty without having to spend much on the beauty parlour. While we know that there are lot of things available, how to make the composition work has been clearly explained in this book.

The simplicity of the language along with pics(B&W) makes it more appealing. There are about 25 tips given in this book. Each of them differ from each other and is unique in their own aspect.

An average cost for any of these beauty process in a parlour would cost anywhere between Rs.300 to Rs.3,000 or even higher but here, you can get it done all by yourself in a natural way without having to worry about any side effects.

Skin care is very delicate and due care must be taken. This has been clearly explained in the book, step by step. You have solution for dark eyes, eye wrinkles, facials, hair growth, dandruff, lip balm & lip scrub, whitening the teeth, manicure & pedicure etc has been explained really well.

Try these tips. You will find it really helpful which would not only save money but also time.

The book is available on Amazon