Book Review - T21 in Downs Lane

Title - T21 in Downs Lane
Author - Utpal Kant Mishra
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - The WritePlace
ISBN - 978-9-38728-235-3

A book that has brought out the woes of people suffering from T21 Down Syndrome in a subtle way. A genuine effort has been made by the author to highlight the issues in the form of a story, which certainly needs an applause and appreciation.

The story revolves around Jay who is down with T21 Down Syndrome. When he gets interviewed by Aashima, a journalist, things starts getting bigger and clearer for her(and also for the readers). Fortunately, Jay had loving parents Sid and Ayesha who stood thick and thin with him and despite knowing about the trouble, they never wanted to abort him.

What happens in the end is the actual story.

Though this is a fiction, I felt like I had seen a character living in front of my eyes. Most of us would have seen Paa(movie) or many of us would have had friends who are suffering from this syndrome. All they need is empathy and not the sympathy because the story sends a strong message that they could able to carry out their works on their own. It is high time that we stopped calling them Retards and ridiculing them.

More than 100 references has been sought by the author which shows how well the subject has been researched. The effects, limitations, cost and all other relevant details relating to this has been given in detail in the end.

I would conclude my review by saying that this book is worth the read and the efforts of the author is very much evident in the story line coupled with real time information.

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