Book Review - Leader Of Millions

Title - Leader Of Millions
Author - B P Senapati & Durgesh Nandini Das
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Blackeyes Publication
ISBN - 9789353005313

A story which takes a twist from a student life to a political life. Vijay and Priya studies together. Priya was much brighter when it comes to studies compared to Vijay. Vijay on the other hand was a practical person. They had a group of friends Ishita, Rashmi and the narrator of the story.

The story revolves around these students. Interestingly, Priya and Vijay fall in love with each other which gets the approval of their parents. When things were going well, a major disaster struck in Priya's family. On top of this, there was another incident which leaves a scar in the lives of Vijay and Priya.

Though Vijay was equally brilliant as Priya, he suffers in the interviews, failing to clear them. After the second incident, Vijay asks Priya who is now his wife to pursue IAS and Vijay turns his attention towards Politics.

What did he do entering Politics?
Was he successful?
Did Priya complete her IAS?

Read this story which is not only inspirational but would also give you different dimensions of life which includes love, affection, vengeance, aspiration, goal, achievement among others. I particularly liked the second half of the story which gave lot of ideas on how a model India needs to be...

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