Book Review - Baby Care and Child Care

Title - Baby Care and Child Care
Author - Kshama Rao
Genre - Self Help/DIY
Publisher - Blue Rose
ISBN - 978-93-87923-68-3

While giving birth is a second life for a mother, raising the baby is a daunting task especially with the first kid. Those who stay real far away from their parents may not be able to receive their help and advice on time to take care of the baby. The book comes handy to those.

It is easier said than done in upbringing the baby. There are lot of things which needs to be taken into consideration. This includes giving bath, massaging, remedies for itchy nipples and increasing breast milk production to name a few.

While for massaging and bathing, we may hire a servant maid(who is usually old and an expert in this), we cannot rely on them always. When the baby falls sick or affected by cough and cold, you may not know as to what needs to be done. This book helps you as a perfect guide.

Just like the other books, this book is also written in a simple language and is not a lengthy one which makes it an interesting read. 

There are lot of other things which this book addresses that includes:

1. Underweight
2. Stopping thumb sucking habit
3. Sleeping habits
4. Bed wetting
5. Nutrition
6. Potty training
7. Child not talking
8. Physical,Intellectual and Social Skills Development
9. Discipline
10. Leaving baby with a baby sitter.

As you could see, the list is real long and is a must have in every house since each one of us have a kid or planning to have one. Don't we?

The book is available on Amazon