Book Review - Pregnancy Guide

Title - Pregnancy Guide - Home Remedies For Pregnancy
Author - Kshama Rao
Genre - Self Help/DIY
Publisher - MyBooks Publication
ISBN - 978-93-86474-32-2

Pregnancy is the sweetest thing for a Woman who would transform into a Mother. It is the much expected event after marriage. The time taken for this differs from person to person. The book is essentially for those who are already pregnant or planning to get into the next important stage in their life.

While we get to hear lot of information in bits and pieces from various sources, the book is a one stop shop for all the pregnancy needs. Being a mother herself, author has written lot about it which is now available in the form of a book. It starts with the basics where intake of folic acid and what are the other things to be done and what not shouldn't be done. 

The book further spans into 27 more chapters which includes remedies for infertility, best time to conceive, morning sickness, high blood pressure during pregnancy, What to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy, How to deal Stress,hart-burn,Sore Breast, White Discharge, Constipation during pregnancy were explained in great detail.

While it is imperative to follow the guidance given by your gynecologist, this book can surely be used as a reference in case you have forgotten the advice given.

For single mother or those who do not have elders to take care of them would surely find this book real useful since it gives you tips which can be applied before and after pregnancy which also includes signs of labor pain, travel tips for pregnant women and what to eat after delivery.

I found this book real useful.

The book is available on Amazon