Book Review - Life Know-How: A Life Guide with Sensible Advice to Live Life to the Fullest

Title - Life Know-How: A Life Guide with Sensible Advice to Live Life to the Fullest
Author - Viswanatha Reddy Thalakola
Genre - Self Help
Publisher - APK Publishers

The book according to me is a combination of Self Help and Motivational one which would help you realize what you are and what your real potential is. What I liked most about the book is the way author has put forth his points without using any complicated diagrams/charts etc but ensured that you could get all that you have been expecting/expected from this book.

Written in simple English, this book would make you to sit over, think/ponder on various things/events that you have come across/witnessed in your life. Each chapter begins with a quote from a famous personality which adds more value to the book.

Why would I recommend this book?

1. Simple Language which facilitates easy understanding
2. No jargons
3. Author was up to the point without beating around the bush
4. Separate headers for various troubles
5. 10 Pointers for each of the header/title which teaches you as to how to overcome it
6. You may be aware of most of them but somewhere in this journey of life, we all have forgotten or tend to take few things for granted and forget it
7. Motivational
8. I felt a real vibration of positivity/positive vibes around me after reading this
9. Author has given importance to common scenarios which would wreck the life, if not being handled with care

I would suggest that you pick any chapter in the book in any order of your liking and you will find good advice. Like it has been pointed out in this book by the author himself, not all of them would be applicable to all. Try implementing the simple things which has been highlighted on this book, in your life, to see how you can transform yourselves....

P.S. The book is more appropriate for young adults(age 20-35)

The book is available on Amazon



Sharat , I have been reading your blog for years. Request you to read my book and review please. Thanks