Book Review - Tarikshir, The Awakening

Title - Tarikshir, The Awakening
Author - Khayaal Patel
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Westland Publications
ISBN - 978-9387578500

The novel is well written and considering the fact that the story happens during the 19th century, it offers a unique proposition to the entire story. I liked the introduction which was really lengthy but it justified the need of it.

There was something which was guarded secretly and when it gets unleashed, it could bring in much of destruction. People called it Tarikshir but awakening it wasn't an easy one. While the story is set in the Devangarh ruled by Rajputs, Rudra Pratap Chauhan who was the crown prince loses his father Raja Ravindra, his mother and also his uncle Shamsher Singh, who was once hated by all for his lust for power and greed.

While Raja Ravindra was preparing for facing the British invasion led by Walken, he gets mysteriously killed. While Rudra's mother suspects Shen-Zhou, a Chinese Master who once taught war tactics to Rudra, he doubts his uncle. 

He approaches Ghazi to help him rule Devangarh but he gets killed as well. He however finds a recluse in Duryadutta, Nafisa through whom he comes to now about some secrets while he also unveils some secrets himself from a fort.

What are these secrets?
Who is Tarikshir?
Was Tarikshir awakened?
If yes, who could stop it or how was Tarikshir banished?
Who was behind the murder of Raja Ravindra?

The 330 odd page novel is nothing less than a nail biting novel which would keep you hooked from the beginning till the end. The flow of the story was splendid. I liked the way, the story was portrayed using various characters effectively unleashing various surprises at different parts of the story which would keep you guessing and unsuspecting.

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