Book Review - Zidd!

Title - Zidd!
Author - Hetansh Desai
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Half Baked Beans
ISBN - Not Available

Hetansh Desai certainly deserves an appreciation for his unique story line. Though this novel roughly runs for 165 pages, the story already has a very good content which can be made into a movie either in Kollywood(remember Kaaka Muttai?) or in Bollywood with a very low budget but can still be a blockbuster.

The story isn't a thriller or a sci-fi or a romance(complete) but still it would keep you hooked to it until the end. What I liked the most is the presence of humor in various places which added more power to the story.

The story is all about setting up a hoarding in the most expensive place of Ahmedabad. Vihaan, who hails from a well to-do family was forced by his father to join business administration course but he takes up his own stream but still drops out from the college. Parth, son a tea vendor meets Vihaan in an unusual circumstance.Both had high ambition. While one knew how to execute it, other one knew how to sell it but both haven't had any money(since Vihaan was not funded by his dad in this story).

Vihaan falls in love with Raina but she never had that feeling against him. He wanted to impress her.

What did Vihaan do?
How Parth assisted him in realizing his dream as well as his(of setting up bijness)?

Read this compelling novel which shows you the realities of life and how, aspiring minds can achieve what they wanted without education, money and background/support.

The book is available on Amazon