Book Review - The Four Stories

Title - The Four Stories
Author - Vashima Jain
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - NotionPress
ISBN - 978-1-64429-028-6

A novel that is unique. The reason why I say this is because the entire book is divided into 4 stories but each and every story has a connect with the previous story/one another.

It all begins with Rajani who made a mark for herself in her career but something was missing, she felt. She decided to pursue her passion. what was it? Was she successful?

On the other story, Lata who worked as a housemaid had a troubled life since her better half lost all the hard earned money on gambling. Before she could cope up with this, another shock hits her.

Sarthak, a young boy, accidentally discovers the truth about his father and realizes the lies in everything told to him so far. Self-doubt and doubtness gave away to his stammering and struggle in day to day life?

The story of Gabbar was much more appealing to me since I too have a pet at home and I can relate this to some extent.

Well, overall, the book is about Love, Emotions, Infidelity, Dream, Passion which has been combined with a series of events in a very effective way bringing out the best of all the characters. I found it appealing. I am sure, you too would....

The book will be available on Amazon from 2nd September,2018 onward. You can pre-order your copy today.


Good novel. It is interesting till the end. It has four stories and each one is connected to the previous one. I never stopped in between while I read this. You are absolutely a talented writer. Wish you good luck ahead.