Book Review - It was a happy trusting world, then

Title - It was a happy trusting world, then
Author - Vilas Kale
Genre - Travel & Holidays
Publisher - The Write Place
ISBN - 978-9-38728-202-5

A wonderful memoir which is set back in 1971 that is almost 50 years prior makes this an interesting read. The story that stretches for three months and few days beginning from 2nd May and ending on 1st August 1971, talk in great detail about the experience of 3 hitchhikers who went on travel cross Middle East to Europe before returning back to India on a shoe-string budget.

The travel undertaken by Kumar, Vilas and Vidula going across various countries braving situations like climatic conditions, food, language and most importantly the shortage of money due to Forex restrictions back then has been vividly captured in this book.

I liked the way author has narrated his journey which never made me feel bored is the real success. Though most of the nation has gone under a drastic change which includes Beirut which was then called "Paris of the East" has been reduced to another war torn nation, author drives a strong message that life is short and we should try to show love and affection since we only live once and there is no point living the life with conflicts rather than living in Peace.

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