Book Review - Batman's guide to Life: Breaking myths since 1994

Title - Batman's Guide to Life: Breaking myths since 1994
Author - Chetan Soni
Genre - Self Help / Motivational
Publisher - Half Baked Beans

This book is one of its kind since this isn't the usual self help or motivational book you would have come across. Being a night bird, there was no wonder that the author who is also the founder of HBB got this nickname and what a way to bring out the realities that is happening around us in a sarcastic way(with no offences meant). I am sure that at least 95% wouldn't disagree with few or all.

The book is a breeze to read because each one would hit you with the stark reality. If you have been following Chetan's quotes on FB, you could easily connect with his temperament. Each and every quote is very much worth to occupy a single page, literally.

There is a pleasant surprise for the readers in the end. Yes. There is a story. Honestly speaking, I would have preferred his meaningful rants compared to this.Its ok because end of the day, you wouldn't have to feel that you have read nothing because when you finish reading this book, you have read everything(not the content but the context which is universal that would by default make them all, real effective).

The book is available on Amazon