Book Review - Page 6 And Beyond: Let's stir the pot

Title - Page 6 And Beyond: Let's stir the pot
Author - Hureen Saghar Gandhi
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Amazon Kindle

Author begins the book with a bang with the disclaimer #RatedPG-40 which gives a clear indication as to who must read this book(This doesn't mean others shouldn't read but need to be accompanied by elders lol). I loved the way, the characters have been introduced in the very beginning which showed the witty side of the author which gave me a hint that I am going to enter a "Laughter Zone". There are quite a few characters in the book and if you feel, you cannot remember all of them, you don't have to because you can always come back to the characters page to cross verify them.

The picture in the very first chapter evoked my interest since it had a 007 on one-half and Mahatma Gandhi on the other. Author was a late adapter of technology and it took her almost 7 years to understand the nuances of WhatsApp. However, the book revolves around couple of WhatsApp groups namely SXH School Group and PAGE 6 CEO which validates the most used quote "It is better to be late than never". As she struggles to read various emojis, she decided to buy "How to Speak Emoji" from Amazon and creates a To-Do list for the same.

The book revolves around various incidents but predominantly of WhatsApp chat since the characters were spread across the globe. The usage of words were so good that it brings out the humor in the most natural way from the author. The book brings out the stark truth of how the social media can also lead to indifference among family members and friends, though it has its own advantages. The comparison of "Swayamvar" with "SwayamBhai" was such an irony. The headlines gets posted in this group from time to time. I do not want to mention them here but this one since this would give you a hint of how interesting this book could get - #Page6🔨News which translates to Page6 Breaking News. Correct me, if I am wrong ;-)

How many of you know that Burhanpur is India's Venice? If you also wanted to check a place which remained unaffected despite technological advancements, one should visit this place. The mention of this place is the sarcastic best by the author which brings out the sad plight of Indian geography. The comparison of an Indian town with Facebook as to how information traveled real fast is something we need to cherish.

Well, I can keep writing since each and every chapter of this book deserves a special mention but that means, I end up giving more information than I ever wanted or allowed to. Hence I would end up here saying that I had a real great time reading this hilarious book and I do not have even 1% of doubt that it would fail to make you laugh. Hit the link below to buy your copy, today.

My rating for this book is a perfect 5/5.

The book is available on Amazon(Paperback) & Amazon(Kindle)