How I wish I travel to Honolulu

Each and every person would want to travel to some part of the world or the other. I am no exception to that. I always wanted to travel all over the globe thereby becoming a "Globetrotter". I must emphasize here that I did not want to travel for the sake of receiving that coveted title but to see, experience and live among the people who has their own and unique culture and customs.

Most of my family members and friends either wanted to travel to Europe or to the US. I differ from them. I always wanted to travel to Honolulu.


As a kid, I was fantasized by the very mention of this island by celebrities like movie & cricket stars. This name got mentioned in a specific ad which was being telecast for numerous times. What would happen when you keep on seeing something? You start dreaming about it? Since I was born in '80, I hardly had an opportunity to even browse about this island nation back then to find out as to what it has to offer.

When I saw this caption #TheBlindList, I could not think of any other destination but to this place. Even though, I have all the available resources now to find all the required information about this place, I wouldn't be doing it since it would very much defeat the purpose of exploring my childhood fantasy.

I would pack up my bags with all the required travel kits which includes my passport, wallet with prepaid cards, currency, binocular, sweater, tee and shorts, shaving set, pills for emergency, trekking shoes, GoPro camera, Selfie Stick, Mobile with pre-paid internet(since I would post the pic then and there making my friends and family members envy about my trip) so that I can do web check-in, status updates, reviewing the travel attraction on various sites like Trip Advisor, Zomato to name a few. I guess I have got all the required stuff for my travel. Haven't I?

On boarding the flight, I would go on a "Sleep Mode" so that I can save all my energy and start my exploration as soon as I reached the island. I forgot to mention that I have booked my tickets to this place in such a way that I get to sleep in the airplane and when I reach there, it would be morning. I must also mention that I booked my stay over there through AirBnB which has worked out much cheaper compared to any other available option.

I reach Honolulu now. I go to the accommodation, Meet the owner of the place. Since I have paid them in advance online, I have nothing to worry. I leave my baggage out there and start venturing out. Firstly, I would explore their cuisine since it is morning and I had to finish my breakfast which would give me energy to prolong all through the day or at least until noon. Since it is an island, I would start my day visiting the beach and perform some of my long pending wish-list which includes Scuba Diving and Paragliding. This is how Honolulu looks:

Pic Credit - Lonely Planet

I would walk through the place as much as I could till it is dark. The darkness may hamper my spirits but not the lights which would lighten up giving me that extra push.

Pic Credit - Hawaii Magazine

The next day, I would go on a cruise. Another wish list of mine gets ticked now.

Pic Credit - Cruise Mapper

I would then relish the cuisine of Honolulu. I need not have to mention it here that it would be mostly of sea food.

Pic Credit - Honolulu Magazine

You might wonder as to why I have not put up all the pics here. You can see my Trip Advisor and Zomato page, when I complete my trip as they will have all my clicks. My travel is now complete and I head back home. It is not the end but just the beginning.....

The entire trip wouldn't have been possible, if I hadn't had an option to travel by air. What prompted me to travel and who helped me on my bon-voyage? You can check that by clicking here

World is not as big as it use to appear earlier. It has shrunk. Thank to technology. It has brought people together. The essence of travel has been captured beautifully on the TVC given below:

It is time to #SayYesToTheWorld


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