Wipes - reason for causing the rashes

We all tend to change the diapers of our babies as soon as we see some rashes on their skin. While this is a general practice that we have been doing for decades, do you think this is the only reason for the rashes on the skin?

Baby's skin is a real delicate thing which can get rashes due to various reasons. They include sensitivity, dampness on the skin, skin coming into contact with materials which aren't made of pure cotton (since cotton is considered & proven skin friendly) to name a few. They can also develop rashes when the skin comes into contact with chemicals or chemical induced products. Does this include only diapers?

My answer is a BIG NO. While diapers are the major reason for the cause of rashes on the delicate baby skin, there is another which plays a major role. It is none other than Wipes. How could we forget it so easily? Wipes plays a vital role in keeping the baby clean. Isn't it?

When this is the case, shouldn't that be skin friendly thereby not creating rashes?

Some of the so called wipes aren't made of cotton. With the presence of synthetic fibre in it, they tend to create rashes on prolonged use. Even if the wipes are made of cotton, they aren't water based which means they are either dry or tend to have some other composition in it which is also not baby skin-friendly.

Don't we have a solution for this?

Yes. We do.

This is where Mother Sparsh wet wipes comes into picture. I have written on my earlier posts as it how the quality of these water based wipes has stood the flame test and what makes them unique among its peers. We elders are advised to use cotton based clothes during summer. When that is the case, don't you think babies need a cotton based wipes too?

Since the product is made of 100% biodegradable material, this ensures the fact that the product is made of finest cotton. This is efficiently supported by presence of water which constitutes 98% of the wipes. As the fabric is plant based, they are safe for the usage on babies. 

Most importantly, this product has been clinically proven that is holds good against "Diaper Rashes". What more do you need as an assurance that it is rash free which means your baby's skin is free from allergy and rashes? Is it not high time that you started using it??