Book Review - Secret Diary Of An Incurable Romantic

Author - Secret Diary Of An Incurable Romantic
Title - Chitrangada Mukherjee
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Finger Print
ISBN - 978-93-8814-484-1

The protagonist of the story Madhubala Ray, a widow has to go through the so called journey of Life where she comes across various characters who in one way or the other leaves their influence in her life.

While she lived with her Mother-In-Law and was employed in a school as a teacher, she gets attracted to her colleague Daksh. Though they both liked each other, Daksh could not promise a life time commitment to her due to other obligations. She had a good friend Pintu who also at some point in time was responsible for occurrence of an incident. The difficulties faced by her has been vividly described by the author in a simple to understand language.

Then there was this Agasthya, a smart businessman who was in his forties who comes in the life of Madhu. The story literally opens up the avenue of various possible combinations/scenarios that a widowed girl has to go through. The essence of this has been captured in a subtle way by the author in this book. 

The ending was pleasant and surely not the one I was expecting because there was a twist in the story which I would say is revolutionary even in this 21st century. The references made by the author with regards to the area, food, culture of Chennai makes it a pleasant read for anyone who lives or has lived in Chennai. This book does not have any violence or thrill or crime but still,it would keep you captivated from the beginning till the end. 

The story begins on Jan 1,2016 and ends on Dec 12,2016(Coincidentally it is the Birth date of Super Star Rajnikanth)

The book is available on Amazon