Book Review - No Shortcuts

Title - No Shortcuts
Author - Nistha Tripathi
Genre - Self Help / Motivational
Publisher - Sage Publishing
ISBN - 978-93-328-0826-7

One of the favorites quotes from an author I have read till date is Shiv Khera's "Winners don't do different things. They do things differently". This quote is very much apt for almost all the successful businessmen or leaders or those who are successful in their life.

When I read "No Shortcuts", the above said quotes reaffirmed it because those who went ahead to set up a successful venture on their own, saw the potential lying in front of them and utilized it to their best. 

What did I like the most about the book?

There are various things which made me get a real good impression about this book which includes:

1. Professional write-up
2. Coverage of success stories of 15 successful start-ups which weren't covered in a single book, earlier.
3. The book was written in such a way that you wouldn't feel bored since each one had a combination of facts and figures.
4. Categorization by Industry, Current Status & End Result - whether the brand was bootstrapped, venture backed(running, acquired and pivoted away).

At the end of each chapter, there is a takeaway which talks about Person, Product, Marketing, People in common for most and for some, there is Pricing, Marketing & Sales, Fundraising, traction, operations & challenges.

Each chapter is also accompanied by a picture which most of us wouldn't have seen it till date. This makes this 280 page book, real interesting and compelling. The book can serve as a real learning experience for the potential entrepreneurs who wanted to be successful in their life because each story imparts you with the knowledge of a lifetime which has been acquired by these extremely successful people through their sheer determination, will & guts backed by foresight and leadership skills.

I could see that the author has written this book not for the sake of writing but has put in her heart and soul which is clearly reflecting in every word that has been used in this book. This might look flattery on my part to most of you but this is the reality. When you finish reading this book, you would not agree to disagree with me.

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