Book Review - Ballad Of A Belle

Title - Ballad Of A Belle
Author - Rahul Tushar
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Adhyyan Books
ISBN - 978-93-87502-03-1

To start with, when I received this book, I was dumbstruck by the design and the outer cover and had an intuition that I am going to have a great time reading the story and I was not wrong. Though this book isn't a thriller or a crime-fiction, Rahul has written it in such a way that you would keep hooked to your seat from the beginning till the end.

The flawless writing coupled with usage of  language would make you wonder whether he has already published few books. Despite the fact that this is his first book(second book - The Sinful Oracle is in the making), I must say that he has struck the chord which would surely connect with the readers.

Usually we do not give much attention to Prelude (I don't though)and if you carried the same mentality by either skipping it or not giving the proper attention which is requires, you may miss out on something major. You can see that you get to read about the glimpses of the end of the story in the very beginning. Having read few hundreds of books, I can say with confidence that this kind of approach has been taken only by very few authors because honestly speaking, it is difficult to start your story from the end.

Aarti who hailed from a Pundit family in Kashmir had a happy life with protective mother, father who worked in the Military and a brother. Needless to say, she is the protagonist of this story where she narrates it from Chapter 1. She was a no-attitude, down to earth girl despite being gifted with natural beauty. However she commits the first mistake in her life by eloping with her lover.ting  When he turned hostile, she starts regretting and get the help from another person who also tried to manipulate her. But then, future had a different plan for her. She had a chance to meet Priya Majoomdar and from there, her life chart starts showing an upward trend.

She goes to Singapore and then to Australia. She meets different kind of people and comes across various life events which would make you feel real sad for her. There is a melancholy in this story and the essence of it was kept intact, until the end. Read this story and you wouldn't agree to disagree. 

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