Book Review - Upside Down Fitness

Title - Upside Down Fitness
Author - Manisha Israni
Genre - Wellness
Publisher - The Write Place
ISBN - 978-9-38728-257-5

Are you a fitness freak?
Are you a wellness buff?
Are you the one who would love to workout?
If you fall under any one of the above category or does not fall under any of them, this book is for you.

I have read books on wellness but got bogged down by boredom on various occasion. When I had this book in my hands, I knew for sure that I am going to enjoy reading each and every page of this book and my intuition was proved correct.

This book is a combination of Food+Exercise+Yoga. Yes. You read it right. The book focuses on all the aspects by touching base on all tho give three major aspects since, in real life, we tend to give importance to any one or at the max, both.

The introduction itself gave a perfect opening which evoked interest on this book instantly. Author talks about getting our routine changed since we all need a fresh perspective, a one that is enjoyable,doable and manageable in our over-committed busy lifestyle(I have reproduced these lines as it is from the book). The book is divided into 10 parts and each one gave a different dimension to the respective headers/title.

What did I like the most?

This book would never make you feel bored.
You would end up reading the book in one-shot.
Clear mention about the products/methods without taking us on a round about.
Easy procedures which could be followed/implemented.
Practical examples/methods which could be practised/followed.

The book talks about Being Realistic and about SMART REWARDS which I liked the most. I was also surprised to find the mention of various diets with an explanation in detail along with their disadvantages. Then comes the mention about Balanced Meal which is the need of the hour. The Pyramid of this Balanced Meal would give you a fair idea as to what you should have and when.

Smart Food Choices have been dealt in detail in this book. The Seven Chakras Chart, Digital Detox, Laugh, Things you could do and most importantly, the "So What?" factors would give you a different way of approaching the life. 

Smart Supplements and Smart Meals will be an instant hit among the foodies. Author has given Smart Breakfast/Tiffin/Dinner Recipes for Non-Vegetarian, Vegetarian & Vegans are well researched and given in a easy to understand way via tabular columns.

The book also has a Smart Workout Plan, 10 Week Meal Plan coupled with Smart Fitness Advice from Professionals around the World which would make us get a peek through on how these professionals maintains their body so fit which make others envious.

Last but not the least, the book has Beginners Yoga Guide which has the mention of various Yoga Asanas which has been depicted with pictorial representation carrying the pics of none other than the author herself.

I would recommend this book for all who would wish to live a long and healthy life. Who doesn't want to have one?

My Rating for this book would be 5/5

This book is available on both eBook and Paperback formats on Amazon