Book Review - The Stalker

Title - The Stalker
Author - Sandeep Sharma
Genre - Thriller(Fiction)
Publisher - R9Books & Anybook
ISBN - 978-938790621

Sandeep Sharma is back again with another thriller. What I liked is the way he takes the story which gives you an hint in the beginning and when you thought you hit upon the clue, you would end up seeing the twist in the tale.

His writing style is simple which makes even a person who is not so good in the language can understand the story well/easy. This story revolves around Randhir Kamat and his girl friend Rupali when the latter starts getting death threats from Deepali. Please note that you need to follow these two names carefully as you may end up getting confused with both the names - Deepali and Rupali.

While the initial investigations proves that Deepali was behind the death threats, things takes a different turn when Rupali starts getting threats again - despite of Deepali being warned.

Who was behind these threats?
What was the motive?
How does it get revealed?

Read this novel to find out more.

My Rating for this novel would be 3.5/5

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