The Care of Mother in the form of Wipes from Mother Sparsh

Mother Sparsh has been the trusted name among the Mother's for some time now. They have always delivered the safe and quality product which has helped the newly born to stay fresh, soft and supple as their wipes have been used very effectively to cleanse their body till date.Keeping the baby clean is a Himalayan task. Gone are the days of using clothes since they may not be good enough to address the baby's sensitive skin thereby resulting in rashes.

A baby needs utmost care. They tend to get untidy without their knowledge. While we can avoid it most of the time, it becomes imperative to cleanse it as soon as we see some spillovers. Even if the baby remains tidy all through the day, it is better to cleanse them once in a while as we cannot bath them every now and then. This is where, Mother Sparsh Water Wipes comes into picture.

On my previous blog posts, you have seen as to how much care has been taken in manufacturing these wipes and the major content of it - which is nothing but Water. I had also performed the candle test and proved that this product does not have a polyester content in it. After seeing it, many of my friends had personally contacted me to let me know that they started using it and found it real effective since they did not face any issues on their baby's skin any further.

Mother Sparsh water wipes are safe and is made of superior medical grade cloth. These water based wipes are unscented and is perfect for hand and mouth cleaning.

The 99% water based wipes by Mother Sparsh now comes with Moisture Lock Lid which means, the moisture on the wipes are kept intact. Hence, even when you use the last wipe, you can be rest assured of the moisture content on it without having to worry about using the dry wipes on the baby.

These wipes are made of high grade material and they are unscented which means, your baby won't have to smell any unwarranted perfume which he/she may or may not like it. It is time to say "No" to towel since we usually wash it with detergents which may not suit well for the baby's sensitive skin. It is time to embrace water based wipes which are 3 times thicker than ordinary wipes is always friendly to the skin, even if it is sensitive. Needless to say, a baby's skin is the most sensitive skin and needs utmost care.


Now that you have heard about this new variant, what stops you from going ahead? Go and grab you pack now and see your baby smile infectiously without having to contract one :-)

As a Mother, it is also the imperative duty for those who use the wipes to ensure its disposal after use. Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are made of biodegradable material which ensures that the product can be safely disposed after its use without effecting the environment.
The wipes are dermatologically tested and is also examined for rashes and infection. When you use this to clean your baby’s hands, you are ensuring about removing the dirt on their hands without having them exposed to chemicals.

Mother Sparsh is the name. Keep using it and feel the real difference. When you have the best product out there, you need not have to think twice. The product is priced at Rs.299 for a pack of 72 wipes and Rs.499 for a combo of 2 packsand is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Firstcry.