Book Review - 13 Steps To Bloody Good Parenting

Title - 13 Steps To Bloody Good Parenting
Authors - Ashwin Sanghi and Kiran Manral
Genre - Self Help / Personality Development
Publisher - Westland Books
ISBN - 978-938-7578784

Parenting has never been easy. Those who have had the privilege of being a parent would surely know the struggles and pleasant pain they went through while bringing up their kid. When I saw this book authored by Ashwin Sanghi and Kiran Manral, I knew that this is not going to be another usual parenting book with gyans.

Infact as I was reading the book, I could very much relate most of the writing mentioned in the book to that of the techniques used by my Mother while I was a kid. It includes spending quality time with the kid, making them to speak the truth at any point, being a pillar of support in the background, teaching good habits through small gifts for sometime until it becomes an habit, making me to read books etc to name a few.

Yes. This book is about YOU. Not all the pointers may be applicable to you but if you never had the opportunity to have been brought up by your parents due to various unavoidable circumstances and if you have become a parent of your own, I can surely say that it wouldn't be easy for you to bring up your kids. Fret not. This book will just guide you in the right path and all you need to do is to follow the footsteps.

By quoting examples of world famous personalities like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson - authors have given a perfect weightage to their pointers which has coincided with the life of these celebrities.Interestingly, this book also has 14 Steps instead of 13 but I am not bothered about it nor complaining since all these steps were very much essential in driving forth the pointers.

The book talks about 14 steps in detail which includes:

1. Celebrate
2. Protect
3. Nourish
4. Love
5. Inspire
6. Challenge
7. Connect
8. Define
9. Detach
10. Praise
11. Laugh
12. Listen
13. Release and
14. Prioritise

As you could see from the above, the authors have touched upon and covered almost all the important aspects which would be quintessential in bringing up your kid(s).

Hey, if you son or daughter is complaining about your upbringing, do ask them to read this book because it is then they would realize that you weren't wrong(if they had that notion) and they too would become a parent one day, in the future :-)

This book is available on Amazon, Flipkart and on all leading book stores, offline.