Book Review - I Inspire

Title - I Inspire
Author - Neerja Malik
Scribe - Megha Bajaj
Genre - Self Help
Publisher - Jaico Books
ISBN - 978-81-8495-675-7

Where can I start and what should I say about this book? Many of us in Chennai would have come across the profile of the author in leading dailies and you also would have had a chance to have met her in person, if you are a regular participant of Pinkathon. Yes. Neerja Malik, who is the author of this book is the Brand Ambassador of Pinkathon and who other than her, who herself is a Cancer Conqueror, not once but twice could do justification to the role?

The book takes you through the journey of her life where she was asked to search for 10 Treasures by her granny and she managed to find them, on various occasion. These treasures are common for most of us, unless there is some exception.

What are those treasures?
How did she manage to find it?
How those treasures played a vital role in her life?

As the title, the content is this book is very apt which could inspire you in your life. If not, I do not know which other book would?

You may have known her now as a Cancer Conqueror(unique term which she feels proud in using as against the age old Cancer Survivor) and this book goes ahead in establishing the point beyond any doubt.

This book shows the various facets of life of a woman who has doned the role of a daughter, grand daughter, sister, friend, wife and most importantly that of a Mother. It was really saddening to see that she had few many miscarriages before she was eventually blessed with twin kids by the Grace of The Almighty. 

There was this line which moved me to the core. When Neerja had a miscarriage after 8 months, she described that feel which reads as "this soul had only eight months to live and I am so lucky that she chose to live it within me". How true and powerful these words are which can be felt and described only by a mother.

Do grab this book and I am sure that this book would bring in a certain difference in your life, for SURE....

This book is available on Amazon, Flipkart and on leading bookstores,offline.