Book Review - On The Open Road

Title - On The Open Road
Author - Stuti Changle
Genre - Ficiton
Publisher - Invincible Publishers
ISBN - 978-93-87328-46-4

This book is all about how the dream of a "Start-Up" gets sowed in three young minds which eventually leads to the ultimatum. If you are the one who is willing to go for one or set up one, already, this book would very much appeal to you for its content and they way, the story unfolds.

Myra was always looking out for a change. She lived in Mumbai. Thing suddenly goes wrong when she loses her best friend and the opportunity of going abroad gets passed on to someone. She wasn't lucky in her love life as well as her would-be was busy with his own work and the distance that separated them made it worse/

Kabir was a CEO of a company before he decides to hang up his boots. While others were taken by surprise about his sudden decision, he gets a thumbs up from Sandy who was brilliant in developing gaming apps but wasn't able to make it BIG in his field. They lived in New Delhi.

Things takes a different turn, when all these three souls gets inspired by a traveler RAMY and decides to go on a road trip. One fine day, they meet up and things take a different turn, thereafter. 

Did they achieve what they wanted in their life?
Who is/was RAMY?

Read this interesting novel to find out the answers for all the questions.

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