Book Review - The Four Pillars : A Game Of Love

Title - The Four Pillars : A Game Of Love
Author - Ushasree V
Genre - Fiction(Romance)
Publisher - KDP(Amazon Kindle)

This novel revolves around 4 main characters – Urmila(Urmi),Jaitra(Jai),Anuj and Bhoomi(narrator of the story). Set in the early 90’s, this story would make you remember the nostalgia of those days. I must appreciate the author for not being even the minute details like using the PCO since the mobile did not made its cut(not even the pagers).

Urmi was the senior who was a real beauty and she saves Bhoomi from being ragged and that is how they get to introduced to each other. They soon become good friends. They also get their circle expanded to include Jai and Anuj.

The story revolves around the beautiful theme of friendship until things become complicated due to some misunderstandings. Naren and Dashis comes into the picture. Dashis is believed to have committed some sin in the past and he pays for it dearly.

Urmi liked Jai. Anuj liked Urmi. Jai liked Bhoomi. Please note that this should not be misunderstood as LOVE.

Bhoomi sets her goal to become a civil servant. Jai becomes one.

The way the preparation phase of civil services that was being explained deserves an applause because this could be related only by those who had atleast given an attempt once, if not clearing it. The concept of History being explained by Bhoomi to her friends made me rewind back by memories by 5 years where I was reminded of its significance by my tutor who despite of having a B.E. background, took up history to teach the civil service aspirants.

Things gets different when an incident separates Bhoomi from Urmi.

What was that incident?

What made things worse?

Did the friends reconcile forgetting their differences?

Read the novel to find out the answers

This book is available on Amazon in eBook format.


Thanks Sarath for the read and the review. Glad you liked the book. :)