Book Review - How to get Published in INDIA

Title - How to get Published in INDIA
Author - Meghna Pant
Genre - Self Help
Publisher - Bloomsbury India
ISBN - 978-93-88271-06-6

If you are struggling to reach out to someone to help you in making the cut in the literary world, the answer lies in front of you – in the form of a book.

What makes this book special?
This book is certainly special for the fact that it is the first comprehensive one written specifically for the purpose of helping the aspiring authors to become a published author.

This book is divided into 4 chapters which includes:

1.       Writing
2.       Publishing
3.       Marketing and
4.       Essays

Each chapter is explained in great detail. Meghna has ensured that no instructions were left unexplained. She has included almost everything which includes how to develop a plot, building the characters, editing hacks, structuring the book, formatting the manuscript, Title, finances in the first chapter, among others.

The book then starts focusing on writing a synopsis, query letter, finding an agent, finding a publisher(explained in detail about traditional and self publishing with their nuances), what one could expect in a publishing contract,designing a book cover, publishing poetry/short story/non-fiction and how to handle a rejection in the second chapter.

The third chapter was about marketing which explains in detail about how you can go about promoting and marketing your book through social media, via PR, best marketing tools and getting book reviews.

What makes this book unique?

There is always a difference between being Special and Unique. This book is qualified for both the terms. The presence of work by some of the renowned authors like Jeffrey Archer, Durjoy Dutta, Ashwin Sanghi, Amish Tripathi, Ravi Subramanian, Preeti Shenoy, Rashmi Bansal, Shobha De which brings out the secret of their success and what made them click would make you feel really confident and when you are learning from the experts who have come up the hard way braving the odds, you don’t have to think twice before taking a plunge.

I can say it with 100% confidence that as of today(Feb 2019), this book is the best available resource in the market which would hold good for at least a decade, if not more…

This book is available on Flipkart & Amazon and on leading stores, offline.