Book Review - The Light Catcher

Title - The Light Catcher
Author - Sameer Chopra
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Amazon KDP

If words could bring out the emotions vividly, this book certainly qualifies for it. This novel is about a story of the protagonist who wanted to pursue his dreams - His dreams of catching the light. The story stamps the authority over the passion and if you put up your action to chase your dream, you certainly can achieve it. The story though is a fiction, would go a long way in inspiring the like minded people who has quit the so called "Dream Jobs" in order to pursue their own dreams and all it needs is their hard work and dedication and nothing else.

Despite being a Science graduate, Purab Kohli aka Purab who is the protagonist of the story does his MBA from a leading B-School and lands up the job in Indian Banking Corporation(IBC) as MT(Management Trainee) along with few others like Rati, Trisha, Rahul and Ishika. The story points out the stark reality of what happens in the so called Corporate World which is full of favoritism and treachery. I could very well relate myself to it as I witnessed most of the events mentioned in the story first hand as I myself has worked in a leading MNC bank for 8 years before quitting it to pursue my own dreams.

Though Purab was getting paid handsome, his heart did not get contended with the money. He wanted to pursue his dream - of being a photographer. Again, this is also very much related to my own story a bit (though I did not want to become one but my dad was a professional photographer just like Purab's father before calling it quits).

He also finds solace in the hands of Rati initially who started loving him. When things were going smooth, Rati starts avoiding Purab.

What made her to do this?
Did Purab reconcile with her?
Did he achieve his dream?

All these have been beautifully captured with great narration and splendid sequence of events in this novel. 

I would like to quote a few lines as an excerpt from this novel which I liked the most:

"I mean, the camera always records what is real. It doesn't lie; it doesn't manipulate unless you explicitly want it to"

"And while faces may deceive, the camera does not lie. He can see it that her happiness has shrunk over the years"

"Well you did make a mistake Rati and I will make you realize it someday"

This book despite of being a debut novel by the author has got all the elements in place which is beautifully spun and can make even the iron hearts, melt...

This book is available in Amazon in both Paperback and eBook formats.