Book Review - Surviving Stress

Title - Surviving Stress
Author - Dr Vidhu Bhatnagar
Genre - Self Help/Personality Development
Publisher - Educreation Publishing
ISBN - 978-1-5457-0820-0

Stress is a common factor and the other day, I was surprised to see this word being used by a 10 year old kid. Though the technology has developed to a greater extent, this has not showed any significant improvement in bringing down the stress but infact has fueled it to grow further.


We have been engrossed in our gadgets these days. Human touch is lost. We hardly get time to mingle with fellow human beings. When there is no human interaction, we may end up building more stress than ever. This factor has been effectively captured in this book.

The book is divided into two parts namely:

1. Surviving Stress
2. Rediscover the awesome you

While part 1 has 43 chapters, Part 2 has 25 chapters.

It is worth to be noted here that the author, who is a physician, had also undergone stress during the earlier stages(some 15 years back or so) before she found out a way herself to overcome that, successfully. The same has been captured in a vivid manner which makes it a real good read.

We all love to hear stories. Author has just used this tactic to talk about the most important aspect which is affecting our present day to day life. The reconciliation of various incidents that has happened in her life from time to time and how she battled it all by herself to see the light in the end of the tunnel would serve as a motivating factor for the readers as well.

Though I liked the entire book, I would like to highlight few chapters that captured my immediate attention.

In Part 1, I loved the following chapters:

1. Life is a Journey
2. Lessons of Life
3. Power of Prayers
4. SMILE; It makes you look good
5. Be Alive
6. Know your Strength
7. Know your weakness
8. Travel; Find new grounds

In Part 2,

1. Oops, I am a GIRL
2. Jump like a BOY
3. I am Awesome because...
4. Shadow Self
5. Empty your vessel
6. Write your own story: Be the HERO
7. To revise is to remember

I would recommend you to read those book as well and if you have read it already, you could connect well with this book too.

Surviving Stress isn't rocket science. It is all about you and it is high time you discovered it...

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