Book Review - Sadhana Who Stalked Her?

Title - Sadhana Who Stalked Her?
Author - Spandana Chakradhar
Genre - Thriller
Publisher - Write India
ISBN - 9788193890318

Sadhana, the protagonist of this story is a beautiful girl. She was talented as well. However she had a limitation on her financial resources which makes her to take up the job in New Delhi. She leaves her home town Hyderabad to go all the way to the Capital for her work.

The story revolves around these important characters - Aasha, Abhi and Manav. Both Abhi and Manav likes Sadhana. 

Anyway, coming to the review. As I was reading this book, I started getting the feel of as if I am watching "Nightmare on Elm Street" where there was this unknown stalker who comes and inflicts wounds on his targets. Yes. It starts happening to Sadhana as well. Though she knew something wrong was happening around her, she hardly could remember as to what happens to her, when she wakes up pretty late next day.

Was she haunted?

Initially the suspicion was over Aditya who gets warned by the cop and when they think the problem is solved, it starts happening again. By now, even Aasha and few others come under the scanner.

Sadhana was liked by Abhi and Manav. Both were financially sound and looked no less than a movie hunk. However Sadhana despite of liking both of them, confesses her love over Abhi.

Did she end up tying the knot with Abhi?
How did Manav take this relationship?
Was he the one who was inflicting pain as he could not withstand Sadhana's love over Abhi?

Though lot of precautions were taken including setting up CC Camera and also a hi-tech watch which could record videos for almost 3 hours in 360 degrees, the culprit manages to evade his identity. This naturally evokes interest among the readers to continue reading the story in one shot rather than reading them in intervals/break.

Yes, this is something which is happening predominantly in India. I know a person who is claiming to be going through this nightmare day in and day out.

Why is that a girl has to go through all these difficulties in her life?
Is she committed a sin being beautiful?

The story brings out the struggles of a common girl in a subtle manner which revolves around love, passion, treachery and most importantly, the will to fight it. This would go a long way in giving the much needed strength for those who has faced/facing this situation in their life, especially women. We have witnessed a revolution which has already begun in the name of #MeToo. This book would add more power to the movement.

I loved the way, the story was penned. Though I personally felt that it was a lengthy story(260 pages) which could have been cut short, if this gets made into a movie, I am sure it would be done by then and I also have no doubt of this story making it BIG since this is "A Thriller Inspired By A True Incident"

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