Cook it tasty with Kitchen D'Lite

Cooking is an art. One has to exercise her/his skills in making the food taste delicious. This would become a humongous task especially when you have a food critic at home. While culinary skills forms a major role in making or breaking the final outcome, equal importance should be given to the ingredients as well. This is where the so called masala powder comes into the picture. India is known for its usage of traditional masala powder in its cuisine. Though some of them differ from State to State, there are few which are used uniformly across the country.

These powders enhances the taste of the final output and also makes them presentable in terms of appearance. I had the opportunity to try some of the powders from Kitchen D'lite which includes:

1. Tomato Powder
2. Garlic Powder
3. Red Onion Powder
4. Ginger Powder
5. Green Chilli Powder

Each one was unique in its own aspect. I used them across various food preparation and I must say that I was not disappointed.

There are few reasons as to why I would recommend this:

1. They are natural and safe.
2. They are easily soluble in water without leaving any clumps.
3. They have a longer shelf life(if stored properly).
4. They make cooking easy since you can substitute these powders in the place of the actual vegetables wherein you can save some time since you need not have to cut/chop them.
5. Taste does not differ and infact gives you the perfect finish.

How did I use them?

I used Tomato Powder while preparing Indian Soup(Rasam) and it tasted really good.

I used ginger powder while preparing Pongal since I myself use to segregate ginger when it was used in the preparation. Now that it is the form of powder, I don't have the option to do it. 

I used Green Chilli Powder(in very limited quantity) while making bread sandwich.

I used Garlic Powder while preparing Idli Podi. The taste was surreal.

I used Onion Powder while preparing Chutney.

Since these powder has multiple uses, they can be used day in and day out in our kitchen for making various cuisine. It is time that we tasted the real goodness that comes in a sealed pack.

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