Maintaining Wardrobe isn't easy

Helping your mom is something you could do in return for all the hard work she has done to raise you. Though it isn't a match, it is something better than nothing. The work of a mom is not limited to just one category but there are many. She is a multi-tasker and you would come to know, only when you start sharing her load.

Some of the work, a mom does on a regular basis at home but not limited to includes:

1. Teaching her kids
2. Keeping the home tidy by cleaning the floors with broomstick and then mopping
3. Washing vessels
4. Washing clothes
5. Cooking
6. Handling finances

Did I miss anything in the above list? Yes. There is one which I had missed, not deliberately though. After washing the clothes, there are few more things in that process to make it complete. 

1. Drying the clothes
2. Folding the clothes
3. Arranging them on the wardrobe

Trust me, washing clothes(if you had a washing machine)is much easier compared to the "after wash" process as it is complex and demands greater attention because drying clothes itself is an art as you need to put them on sunlight. During winter/rainy seasons, it is a chaos as you need to constantly watching the climatic conditions outside the house. Folding the clothes is again an art. It has to be done with perfection else you may end up having unnecessary wrinkles and most importantly, your clothes won't look good, when they are kept inside the wardrobe.

Arranging the clothes on the wardrobe is a task. I never knew that it requires certain skills. 

Why did I say that?

1. Your wardrobe space is limited
2. Your desire for buying more clothes is unlimited
3. Based on condition 1 and 2 mentioned above, you need to ensure that you manage the space accordingly
4. It needs to be arranged in LIFO(Last In First Out) order else you would always be wearing the same costume
5. You also need to ensure that the faded/torn clothes are discarded
6. You have to ensure that there is no foul smell inside your wardrobe which can be ensured by using naphthalene balls(which is also effective in preventing cockroaches entering your wardrobe)
7. You need to ensure that there is no dampness inside your wardrobe which can be ensured by using silica gel

As you could see, maintaining a wardrobe is an art and it isn't easy as it looks from outside. I managed to do my bit in this regards. Remember, you cannot learn or master an art overnight but hs to keep working on it constantly to master it. 

The work done by a mother couldn't have been explained better than this. Do watch this TVC as it is an eye-opener for all of us, prompting us to do our bit in our own way.

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