Book Review - Dare Eat That

Title - Dare Eat That
Author - Divya Anand
Genre - Non-Fiction
Publisher - Penguin Random House India
ISBN - 978-0-143-44466-4

Ever since I watched Bear Grylls, I was always on a lookout for the Indian version of him and I must say that I did one through this book. Thanks to the author who has introduced the person who is none other than her better half.

The cover page is certainly unique and it very much gives you an idea as to what this book is all about. The reverse cover on the bk promptly displays

"There are people who travel to eat and people who travel for adventure. And then there are those who travel to eat adventurously"

The wordings are very much apt for this book since the couple Divya & Vivek takes us through a surreal journey of the food chain where Vivek has relished eating most of the living things which are classified under 

Invertebrates which is sub classified into Mollusc, Echinoderms, Coelenterates and Arthropods
Vertebrates which is sub classified into Pisces, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals.

I liked this book very much for the following reasons:

1. The content is unique.
2. Each chapter's title was interesting and intriguing in its own way.
3. The experience was classified into Taste( 1 to 5 Stars) and Fear Factor which would give you a fair idea as to where those food items stood at.
4. Pictorial representation - both in B&W and Color.
5. Recipe for few items at the end of the chapter.

The book has covered the couple's journey in Americas, India, U.K, Luxembourg, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore and Australia presenting us with different cuisines and delicacies from around the world.

My Conclusion - If you are a foodie and is always in the lookout for something unique, do not miss reading this book as it gives you a fair idea as to what to look out for in the above mentioned places.

P.S. I did taste Rabbit back in early 1990 in a popular Chettinad restaurant in Chennai :-)

Do watch put for page no 123 and 185 :-)

This book is available on Amazon in both Paperback and eBook formats