When I decided to #ShareTheLoad of Vessels

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been sharing my experience via my blog post as to how I decided to #ShareTheLoad with my mom who has been instrumental in keeping the household running efficiently. It was only then did I realize as to how much difficult it is to run the day to day chores though it may look easy from outside.

After helping my mom with the laundry(which includes drying the folding the clothes) and in maintaining the wardrobe, I decided to do my bit with regards to kitchen.Little did I now by then that I had to face an Himalayan task in mastering them.

What did I learn?

Firstly, I learned about washing the vessels. It is an art in itself as you need to be real careful as it involves water. You need to save them to the maximum extent possible. How to do it?

Do not wash vessels in running water.
Apply soap on all the vessels first and then start washing it.
Do not wash vessels which can be reused after sometime.
Wash all the vessels at the same time.

If washing is a task, arranging them to get it dried is another task. This has to be done before they get arranged in their respective racks.

After this was done(putting the vessels in the special holder which will help them dry faster), it is time to put them on to its respective place.

My work did not end here. I decided to go further in order to master the cooking. Though I did not become one, overnight, I had learnt few basics which includes:

1. Making Tea/Coffee
2. Preparing bread toast/ bread sandwich.
3. Making egg omelette.
4. Making dosa.
5. Making rice.
6. Chopping vegetables.
7. Making raita.
8. Making Sambar/Indian Soup.

I am not sharing those pictures here because I think it would be too tempting for my friends to start visiting my home to taste my delicacies lol

Yes. I did learn few things:

1. Cooking is an Art.
2. Mastering it needs patience and virtue.
3. Each gram/ounce can make or destroy the item.
4. 100% concentration is a must.
5. Always keep all the items ready including vegetables(chopped/grated).
6. Cook in low flame and cook all at once.
7. Use the same vessel(preferably with multiple compartments) to cook vegetables/dhall etc.,

I did my best(I think) in sharing the load of my mother. How about you?

Check out this TVC to see how each and everyone must #ShareTheLoad in their respective household.

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda