Book Review – Six, Five

Title - Six, Five
Author - Binary
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN-10: 1684660599
ISBN-13: 978-1684660599

When I was approached to read and review this novel by a book review blogger, first off I did some research about the book and through one author interview, I was able to decode the meaning of the title – Six, Five. The meaning behind the title is beautiful and purely born out of love.

The novel is quite lengthy, but the flow was good, thus I was able to finish reading it in some days along with some other books that were on my TBR list since long. I will not say that it is a one-sided story, rather mix of a few genres in it. It takes us to some far-away land, possibly USA, and into one huge college because the author has repetitively mentioned cafeteria, ground, stadium, fountain, etc. Even this is a college story; the author has given more focus to two main characters – the girl Violet, and the boy Victor. The former is sarcastic while the latter is smart and brilliant.

Victor is an orphan and rather silent. He doesn’t like getting into mess and create trouble for himself and others, while Violet is just the opposite. The core point of the novel that binds the story till end is Unveil – online campus newspaper. And Victor works for this publication. His job is to investigate cases that occur in the college campus, at times outside as well. So, there are around ten crime case studies, ranging from issues of drug abuse to emotional torture to discrimination with students, and much more. You may not be so cross with the cases and the aspects involved into them. Rather you may find them interesting.Suspense, drama, mystery and thrill all is there in the novel, like one pack with many things into it.

However, the blurb of the novel says a lot about it. So, you may crave to find out the answers of the following questions:
Are the stories on the lines of Sherlock Holmes?
Will you be able to decode the meaning of Six, Five?
Is it a pure love story or crime thriller?
What happens to Victor in the end?
Raging for answers, simply grab this book and get all your answers.

You can buy the book on Amazon (both Paperback and eBook).