Book Review – Born To Be King (The Epic of Kautilya)

Title – The Epic of Kautilya
Author – Deepak Thomas
Genre - Fantasy/Fiction
Publisher – Notion Press
ISBN: 978-9388459853

As expected, the book was not in the line with my predictable reading nature. I thought of predicting it from time to time, but every time I was proved wrong, right from that moment when the King went to the Himalayas to the marriage ceremony where Kautilya jumped in to save her love. It was all something different, sensory illusion to my eyes and imagination. I loved that as it kept me hooked till the last page and it ran like saga. My reading experience was amazing.

Before you get into the book, I found the cover page worth attention. It was apt with the story line and generated interest and curiosity. The cover page gave me idea about the backdrop of the story, I mean an era where the kingdoms were ruled and destroyed by arrows, archers, spears, swords and so on. You can feel the heat in the battlefield in the later part of the book.

Chandra, the king of Bharath, did everything to have an heir but to no avail. Finally, he gets six children by sacrificing birds like falcon, eagle, and hawk – out of them five are boys – and one girl was born of parrot. The king was rather peaceful and sounded a bit insipid, opposed to his elder son Dhanush, who was relentlessly lusting after the throne. However, things go awry, and Kautilya, the beloved princess of the king, sees something that changes her life forever. She vows not only to claim back her kingdom but also to seek avenge for her father’s death. But who are the enemies…that’s real mystery that surronds this fast-paced fantasy. Read yourself to find out what happens to Kautilya and who are her enemies, hell bent to bury her alive, and more to catch up definitely in this novel.

Themes like revenge, redemption, lust, love, compassion and so on are abundant in the book and all these elements made this book a special read. People having taste like for books like Lord of the Rings and Hobbit, will surely enjoy going through the book. Sweeping magic, swaying landscapes, dark-themed places and objects and demons, are all there to entice your heart.

The book is available on Amazon.