Folding clothes also tantamount to #ShareTheLoad

For the past three weeks, I have been sharing the load of my mother by doing various activities. This includes washing the clothes, helping her in the kitchen, arranging the wardrobe etc., As a continuation of this activity, this fourth and final week would enable my readers/audience to see my proficiency when it comes to folding the clothes. I have been doing this for more than 20 years since my Mom has taught me as to how the clothes should be folded.

This is just an attempt to emulate it. You can see me folding clothes in a period of just 30 seconds. I did fold 8 clothes, to be precise.

Folding the clothes may look easy from outside but trust me, this also needs some special skills. I could do this activity with ease because, like I said earlier, I have been doing this for the past 20 years or so. Why folding the clothes assumes significance?

1. It keeps the otherwise congested place, neat.
2. It helps in keeping your wardrobe neat and in an arranged manner.
3. You can segregate the clothes easily.
4. You can retrieve them based on point 3, as and when required.
5. Your clothes would have lesser wrinkles for you to remove when to sit for pressing the clothes.
6. Anyone who looks at your wardrobe would be impressed.
7. Most importantly, you are now ready to #ShareTheLoad of your mother.

The above activity has taught me as to how to be systematic an how to plan things in a short span of time. Now I realize that each and every activity which my Mother has taught me has not only made me to excel it and become an expert but each of them has got it's own message which would help you in leading a disciplined life. Don't you agree with this statement?

Thank You mom for being a guide, philosopher who has taught me everything. I can say with pride that I would make you proud and I did, already :-)

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‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda