Shopping made easy with Foro Market

How do you shop? Most of us prefer doing it in person and some are online buff. Until a decade ago, even I was more into visiting the shops personally and buying it but ever since online shopping came into picture, I changed my shopping mode and preference.

I do my shopping, online these days. 


It is easy and convenient
Comparison of products
They offer lot of discounts and rewards
Most importantly, savings in time.

We have seen lot of brands foraying into this segment since the demand is always on the rise. It wouldn't be surprising, if you are confused about which one to choose. This is where Foro Market comes into picture. As you could see, they are available online via browser and to make it even more easier, you can download their app on iOS or Android Playstore.

I decided to give it a try and found it really easy to install and start making my purchase. Here is my the process of how I did it - step wise.

Step 1: Signing Up

As you could see, the brand is offering a flat 10% discount code on signing up.

Step 2: Entering the Details

Step 3: Reasons to choose Foro Market

Step 4: Selecting the category

As you could see from the above, the brand offers all under one roof - be it with your requirements on fruits, vegetables and groceries.

Step 4: Selecting from Vegetables

Step 5: Selecting from Fruits

Step 6: Best Sellers and Trending

This would help you choose from the above mentioned category.

Step 7: Most Popular and Hot Products

Step 8: Categories

Here, you can select the main category which would further expand to sub categories from where you can place the order.

Step 9: Canceling and item from the list

You would get a confirmation before cancelling. Hence you can be doubly sure that you do not end up buying something you did not wanted it in the first place.

Step 10: Shipping Methods

This is one of my favorite one. If you place the order today before 8:30PM, you can get the order delivered the very next day. It is much faster compared to other service providers out there.

Step 11: Slot Selection for Delivery

You can even select the slot for the product to be delivered at your convenience.

Step 12: Payment Methods

This is where you can apply the discount code. Do not forget to do that firstly.
Coming to the payment options, they have debit/credit card payments online. You can pay by Cash on Delivery and you can also swipe your card at the time of delivery.

Step 13: Total and Discount Coupon

Step 14: Order Confirmation

That is it. As promised by the brand, I got my products the very next time at my preferred time slot. I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with the functions of the app. I was really happy that I found this out of other ones because this has delivered some super good quality vegetables at my door step at an affordable price. What more, I, as a customer could ask for?

This is how the products(vegetables)arrived. I must say I was thoroughly impressed with the packing and the quality of the vegetables which were farm fresh. There is a delivery fee of Rs.45 since I did not place the order for Rs.899 which would get you FREE delivery. You would also be given bill at the time of delivery which you can cross check with the products. Overall, a real satisfying experience.

Restaurant Review - The Reef, Sheraton Grand Resort & Spa

I have had an opportunity to visit The Reef at Sheraton Grand Resort and Spa yesterday. Though there was a sudden downpour which threw the traffic haywire and took almost 2.5 hours for us to reach the venue, it was certainly worth the time.

I was there to try Flavoursome Fridays and below mentioned is the experience of my visit.

A lavish spread of buffet.
The Reef is certainly a place one should visit. The theme of the interiors were designed combining sea, sand & the restaurant and this alone took 6 months.
There are few specialities which is certainly worth mentioning:
1. They have a 24/7 ice cream counter. Hence those who are staying in the property can have it at any time, as per their wish.
2. There is a dedicated chat counter (which isn’t there in any of the 5-Star rated restaurants).
3. There is a dedicated counter for the western cuisine. This place has its own oven that the pizza and pastas were made on demand from 11am to 11pm.
4. There is a live counter for making Thai Food. You can get Bao & Skewers here. Veg & Non Veg Food are cooked in separate grills. Do not miss to try these(highly recommended).
5. There is a dedicated counter for desserts.
6. They also have a dedicated section for Curd & its products like Curd Rice, Dahi Vada and accompaniments.
7. Of course there is a dedicated Indian cuisine section as well. This features delicacies from South India majorly and is divided into Veg & Non-Veg section.
8. I was literally surprised when I was told that their lavish spread of buffet over the weekdays were priced at just ₹550 and on the weekend,it is ₹800.
9. Lunch/Dinner buffet also has a complimentary beer 😍
10. The ambiance is something which shouldn’t be missed.
Coming to the property as such:
I haven’t had the chance to visit the property since I reached the venue real late due to the sudden downpour. I was told that the property has few restaurants with each one of them providing an unique experience of their own.
They have banquet halls which is good enough to accommodate upto 1000 members.
The sea is hardly 200 metres from the property.
Mahabalipuram is just 25 kms from this place. Crocodile Bank is literally on the next door. Muttukadu boating & other attractions like MGM Dizzee World are located very close by. Pondicherry can be reached within 2 hours.
What more do you need?
Do not forget to visit the property if you’re in Chennai & for Chennaites, if you wanted to relax, this is certainly the best place to visit.

***For More Pics, see my review on G-Map/Trip Advisor/Helo/FB/Insta pages***

P.S. I will try to give coverage about the entire property soon 😊

Book Review - Super Cop of Aryavrat

Title - Super Cop of Aryavrat
Author - Mithilesh Kumar
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - authors upfront
ISBN - 978-9-38728-036-6

An excellent portrayal of one of the greatest epics of all time - Mahabaratha.

We all would have read about this in various forms. Some of them were real bulky. This is a 286 page book which has captured the essence of the epic in a way that is most appropriate to 21st Century. I was really delighted to read this book for the fact he has rewritten the epic without changing the story but at the same time, made it more appealing.

The protagonist of the story is none other than Lord Krishna and now you would have got to know as to who is the Super Cop. The story revolves around him - right from HIS childhood till the end of his human form in this Earth. I was glad to get to know as to when this has actually happened. This has happened in 3228 B.C.

What I had seen in the television was more of super natural powers The Lord possessed which were used to destroy the bad elements. In this book, it all happens in such a way that they all looked real and would make you think that the events would have happened as it was portrayed in the book. I can given an example or two. Pootana kills herself by drinking poison(it was shown in the television that Little Krishna sucks her life out when she comes in disguise to feed her) and another notable event is making the giant serpent(Kaalinga) to repel his mistake and retreat to seas. The events that were described were so real/natural that you would not beg to differ or disagree. I would say this is the element of success for this book.

Author has written it so well that you wouldn't feel bored reading this book despite knowing the whole epic and would have seen/read it many times. Style of writing is fluid. There was no deviation from the original story but he has succeeded in making this version, a real appealing one....

This book is available on Amazon in both eBook and Paperback formats

Gadget Review - Infinix S4

Smartphones has become an integral part of our live. There is nothing that this gadget could do. It has literally shrunk the world by doing all that would have been done physically. We, in India have been flooded with various brands leaving us in confusion as to which one to choose.

The selection is usually based on two parameters. They are:

1. Costing
2. Performance

Costing plays a vital part in smartphone selection followed closely by performance. When both these comes together in a single package, users/consumers wouldn't have to think twice but to grab it. This is what has happened in my case. People who knows me well also knows about my affinity towards a particular brand for a decade. This brand was on a super premium category. Just when I was wondering as to whether I could get some make/model which is cost effective and also coupled with performance, I managed to chance upon Infinix S4.

I was stunned by the pricing and the performance. You could see me unboxing it on my YouTube channel.

This video shows you some of the top features, this beast has to offer.

To sum up my experience in a nut shell:

1. Premium Looks.
2. Light Weight.
3. Wide screen for amazing movie/gaming experience.
4. Easy to handle.
5. Great pictures with awesome Front/Rear camera.
6. Value for money.
7. Constant updates(I received a 899.1MB Security Patch update yesterday(23rd Aug,2019) for this phone)

Features in a nut shell:

1. 32MP AI Selfie Camera
2. AI Triple Rear Cam - 13MP+2MP+8MP
3. 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM
4. Expandable Memory slot(dedicated)
5. Dual 4G/VoLTE
6. 4000 mAh battery with AI power management
7. Dual 2.5D Glass Galaxy Sky Design
8. 120 Degree Ultra Wide Angle Rear Quad LED Flash
9. 6.21HD+Drop Notch 89% screen to body
10. Close to 1000 service centres in 700+ towns

What are you waiting for?

You can click here to buy this amazing phone at an unbelievable price.

Incorporation made easy with Vakil Search

India is a growing economy. We see hundreds and thousands of companies being registered each month. Most of them are startups and they struggle a lot in the initial stages due to credit crunch. Adding to their woes, is the charges of incorporating the companies. These charges varies from one company to another - depending on their size and the service provider they reach out to. The charges can vary anywhere between as little as INR15,000 to as high as INR150,000 or even more.

Indian startups are growing in a pace much faster than ever. We have seen how lot of companies have become a Unicorn in a short span,surpassing the expectations.

What made this possible?

Firstly, it is the ease of doing business. This has underwent a major makeover in the recent days wherein lot of bottle necks have been removed.

Tedious procedures were either removed or made easy.

Govt is encouraging the young and aspiring minds to become an entrepreneur rather than being employed under some one else.

All these have their own plus and minus. What makes them click is their aspirations and the hard work these ignited minds put into work.

To make this work easy, VakilSearch, a popular online consulting firm which specializes in Legal,Tax and Compliance services has launched an initiative called Swadeshi Startup Movement. It is through this, they are inviting aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their dream by breaking away from their routine lifestyle and register their freedom. 

Through this programme, they have made the process of processing of setting up businesses and registrations simpler. VakilSearch is enabling young entrepreneurs to register their startups with quick turnaround time by breaking the tedious legal processes. This invariably results in saving of time and making the complex legal procedures simple for budding entrepreneurs and alike. They have swetened it further by offering first 500 GST registrations and first-month subscription-free on Compliance to the new customers.

Announcing the launch of the Swadeshi Startup movement, Mr Hrishikesh Datar, CEO of VakilSearch said “We have seen tremendous growth in the start-up culture post the Startup India programme. Therefore, Vakilsearch in line with Startup India’s vision has ideated the Swadeshi Startup Movement to facilitate 10,000 company incorporations free of charge. We at VakilSearch are constantly aiming to boost the startup culture by enabling and nurturing entrepreneurs to register their businesses with confidence and ease.”

What are you waiting for? If your dream is have your own startup, it cannot come at a better time than this....

Book Review - Either Or Else Nor

Title - Either Or Else Nor
Author - Varun Gupta
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1-645-872443

This is a 110 odd page book but do not get deceived by the size because when you start reading it, the content in it is equivalent to 400 odd page book. Yes. It is so powerful and demanding that you would need to spend a good 3-4 hours to understand the concept. Unlike other fiction, you cannot read between the lines. Each and every line is important and I was amazed by the sheer brilliance of the author.

Varun who is a Chartered Accountant has succeeded in making this book, a gripping one. The uniqueness of this book is that he has not mentioned the names of the characters from the beginning until the end. Yes. You read it right.

It is all about a conversation between two characters. The conversation is about lot of things and is universal. It revolves around various emotions and most importantly, as a perfect fitting to the title, it tries to give an answer but at the same time rises a question. Yes. There is an answer and a question in most of the conversation which may look contradictory but you cannot agree to disagree with it.

What are these conversations all about?
Between who, the conversation takes place?
What is contradictory about these conversations?
Did it end in a subtle manner?
What makes them unique?

I thoroughly loved reading the book. The best part is the end. I am sure, you would be equally surprised, as I was...

This book is available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook formats.

Lanson Toyota's #Fortuner Off-Road Experience

The off-road experience that was organised by Lanson toyota at #TheFarm is certainly one of its kind experience.

It began, as scheduled, on a rainy Saturday morning. I was there along with my pals & we were surprised to see that there were so much of buzz happening with people from press apart from the customers(who has evinced interest in the off-road experience) have already gathered there.

The event was well organised. We were given coffee/tea on arrival followed by the breakfast. It was followed by Press Conference wherein the authorities from Toyota Kirloskar Motors & Lanson Toyota have answered all the questions put forth to them.

After signing the indemnity form, we were lower to take the #Fortuner for the off-road experience. They had 4*4 & 4*2 vehicles in both versions - manual & automatic.

Each vehicle had a trained professional & we were briefed about do’s & don’t. We were given an opportunity to test each of the Top 10 features of the #Fortuner which includes:
1. Anti Lock Brake System
2. Electronic Brake Force Distribution
3. Brake Assist
4. Vehicle Stability Control
5. Hill Assist Control
6. Down Hill Assist Control
7. Active Traction Control
8. Chassis Rigidity & Torsional Bending
9. Sigma-4 Concept
10. Power Train

Ground clearance is too good. We never felt a slightest under performance in any of the testing conditions - be it riding on pit, water, slush, steep mound, rugged roads to name a few.
The experience is too good to be remembered for a real long time 

Independence Day promotions at ITC Maratha

A Celebration of Flavors

This Independence Day, taste the flavors of India with a scrumptious buffet
spread at Catherine's at ITC Maratha.

Restaurant: Catherine's at ITC Maratha
Date:  15th August 2019
When: Lunch - 12.30pm to 2.45pm | Dinner - 7.30pm to 11.45pm
Price: INR 1947 (including taxes per person)

For details or reservations please contact: Mr. Ajay Ticku 9867271215 |
022-28303030 | Email: restaurantreservation.itcmaratha@itchotels.in