Restaurant Review - The Reef, Sheraton Grand Resort & Spa

I have had an opportunity to visit The Reef at Sheraton Grand Resort and Spa yesterday. Though there was a sudden downpour which threw the traffic haywire and took almost 2.5 hours for us to reach the venue, it was certainly worth the time.

I was there to try Flavoursome Fridays and below mentioned is the experience of my visit.

A lavish spread of buffet.
The Reef is certainly a place one should visit. The theme of the interiors were designed combining sea, sand & the restaurant and this alone took 6 months.
There are few specialities which is certainly worth mentioning:
1. They have a 24/7 ice cream counter. Hence those who are staying in the property can have it at any time, as per their wish.
2. There is a dedicated chat counter (which isn’t there in any of the 5-Star rated restaurants).
3. There is a dedicated counter for the western cuisine. This place has its own oven that the pizza and pastas were made on demand from 11am to 11pm.
4. There is a live counter for making Thai Food. You can get Bao & Skewers here. Veg & Non Veg Food are cooked in separate grills. Do not miss to try these(highly recommended).
5. There is a dedicated counter for desserts.
6. They also have a dedicated section for Curd & its products like Curd Rice, Dahi Vada and accompaniments.
7. Of course there is a dedicated Indian cuisine section as well. This features delicacies from South India majorly and is divided into Veg & Non-Veg section.
8. I was literally surprised when I was told that their lavish spread of buffet over the weekdays were priced at just ₹550 and on the weekend,it is ₹800.
9. Lunch/Dinner buffet also has a complimentary beer 😍
10. The ambiance is something which shouldn’t be missed.
Coming to the property as such:
I haven’t had the chance to visit the property since I reached the venue real late due to the sudden downpour. I was told that the property has few restaurants with each one of them providing an unique experience of their own.
They have banquet halls which is good enough to accommodate upto 1000 members.
The sea is hardly 200 metres from the property.
Mahabalipuram is just 25 kms from this place. Crocodile Bank is literally on the next door. Muttukadu boating & other attractions like MGM Dizzee World are located very close by. Pondicherry can be reached within 2 hours.
What more do you need?
Do not forget to visit the property if you’re in Chennai & for Chennaites, if you wanted to relax, this is certainly the best place to visit.

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P.S. I will try to give coverage about the entire property soon 😊