Book Review - The God of Sex and Gold and rock 'n' roll

Title - The God of Sex and Gold and rock 'n' roll
Author - Utkarsh Mohan
Genre - Contemporary Fiction
Publisher - NotionPress
ISBN - 978-1-64587-938-1

I am not going to put up my usual kind of a review for this book since this isn't the usual story. It's been ages since I have read the contemporary fiction. Hence there is no wonder that it appealed to me the most. Again, this isn't the statement of exaggeration but the fact that Utkarsh has done a splendid job in penning down one of the best stories in the recent times.

Let me talk about the author to start with.

There are few who excel in writing a non-fiction and few in fiction. These are the common genres under which hundreds and thousands of books are printed each and every year across the globe. On the other hand, this particular genre is unusual. When I say unusual, what I mean is that most of the authors do not venture into this usually for the fact that it isn't easy to write one. Even if they did, it may not yield the desired result. Utkarsh has done a complete justification to the story and the characters with which he has played from the beginning till the end. The writing style of the author was fluid. It was appealing by connecting with the inner senses of the reader(at least with me).This is the first step of success because when an author is able to establish that connect, his story can go a long way in becoming one of the best sellers of its time. I felt like seeing the movies like "La La Land" and "Saawariya" when I was reading this story - not that it was similar in terms of story line but similar in terms of the concept and the emotional connect, it had it in me.

About the story:

I am not going in detail about the review o the story but yes, this 665 page book is surely a delight for the readers who would love to read or prefer reading a lengthy novel. I usually read a book or two in a day(owing to my speed of reading) but this book, for a change, took me almost 3 days to finish reading it. This shows how much concentration was required to finish reading it. The story is a classic and is divided into 2 parts. If this is ever been made into a movie, I would prefer seeing them in 2 parts as well - a prequel and a sequel rather than seeing them in one go.

What is special about this story?

Apart from being a contemporary fiction, this book talks in great detail as to how a talent like producing music is not appreciated or motivated in few countries and it is no wonder that the story was inspired by author's own experience as to how education takes a front seat pushing the other talents/field to the back. While the story would surely appeal to the music lovers, I felt it is apt to mention(as was mentioned in the book as well) that it would appeal even to those who do not like/love or appreciate the music.

Another specialty of the book is the mention of playlist across various chapters in the book. To make it easy for the readers, a playlist for the same has been created in Spotify. All one needs is to search "The God of Sex and Gold and rock 'n' roll" and when you read the corresponding chapters along with the music mentioned in those chapters, it would give you an experience which would take you to a different world which you wouldn't have experienced before.....

My Verdict: A must read, if you do not want to miss a story which would go on to become a Classic, in the future.

This book is available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook format.