Book Review - Million Muskmelons

Title – Million Muskmelons
Author – Dr. Parag Mahajan
Genre – Non-fiction
Publisher – Notion Press
ISBN – 978-9353612740

Elon Musk is a big personality. His image and his work is going to stay here for long. He is the one man who can single handedly change the future of this planet Earth. Look at his business endeavors and the outcomes, you have to believe the incredibility of this man. Recently, I stumbled upon a book named ‘Million Muskmelons’ by Parag Mahajan. I took some time to finish reading it, as I got really excited to see the list of companies/startups being taken up by Mr. Musk. It’s a business book written to inspire others. Topic by topic, the author, who himself is a MD, covered what all is happening in and around Mr. Musk with reference to AI, Solar power, interplanetary transport, Hyperloop, climate change, and electric cars.

Other than Musk’s achievements and list of companies and his behavior with the world, the author also managed to cover the failures and myths surrounding Musk. See, many people think Musk founded Tesla, but the inside story is something else. Read the book to know more stories like PayPal and so on. Another amazing thing is AI, Elon Musk is making something that can counter the immense effect of AI on humans. I liked the author’s affinity for AI, in his last book he talked about AI in Healthcare. In fact, the author has portrayed well the link between Elon Musk and his endeavours with AI and ML, whether it is a technology or personality, myths are always there to befuddle us.

I am not a big fan of Musk but I got the hunch that author is sure that Musk can save millions of lives by providing hyper loop transit system, electric cars, and keeping the climate change condition in control. Musk is also involved into solar technology. There are other topics as well that generally transcend the vista of a common man, like space travel and human settlement on Mars. Better leave it to Musk. Parag sounds as if he himself has worked with Musk. Anyway, he has done a great job by summoning a book in favor of Musk.  

By all means, it sounds like a non-fiction inspiring book. However, if you are someone hungry for knowledge and want to expand your horizons for the sake of tech evolution, probably this is the time to pick up this book and look forward to learn a lot from Elon Musk. Another aspect that formed firmly in my mind is that electrification of transport is inevitable and it is better if people accept this smoothly.

The book is full of information and covering all the topics in one review is like making the table of content, just like in the book. I believe this is the book that you can refer from time to time – I mean to say it is truly an Rx for leaders, startups, and entrepreneurs, tech bloggers, AI enthusiast, and most importantly students and researches.

A copy of the book can be bought from Amazon.