Book Review - A Sustainable World Is Achievable

Title - A Sustainable World Is Achievable
Author - Viswanatha Reddy Thalakola
Genre - Business & Economics
Publisher - Amazon Kindle

A real good attempt by the author. Having read his first book, when I saw this listed on Amazon, I did not think twice to go for it. What is special about this book?

Many sustainable development experts have written about topics found in the book
in isolation, but this book brings it all together in one place and therefore makes it a compelling read.I liked the simplicity of the language which is easy to understand apart from the pictures used in various chapters, adds the appealing quotient to the book.

The book is divided into 8 chapters which includes:

1. Right Education System - In this chapter, the author talks about how to go about making the education system better. Besides the regular education we receive that will help us get a job, he mentions that sustainable living skills, character education and life skills need to be taught in the education system..

2. Right Food System -  In this chapter, the author says that plant based diet is the only way forward for humanity. People can still eat 3 or 4 meals with meat though. He says that farmers should limit the use of agri-chemicals and do crop rotation. He wants the food companies to use  biodegradable packaging materials. He urges restaurants to serve home style food rather than junk food. Finally, he argues for abandoning cruel livestock farming practices.

3. Right Housing System - Housing is a worldwide issue. The author asks humanity to re imagine affordable housing as requirement for everyone.  He says that government and property builders need to work together and come up with solutions to meet the housing requirements of the local population.

4. Right Waste Management System - Waste Management is a global problem. The author suggests the best waste management system is one that reduces the production of waste and also educates all citizens to separate different kinds of waste at home itself and dispose properly.

5. Right Transportation System -  In this chapter, the author suggests that we should use more electric vehicles, do more car pooling and build public transportation like trams, metros,etc.

6. Right Water Conservation System -  This chapter talks in detail about the various ways of conserving water by individuals, farmers and industries.

7. Right Healthcare System -  In this chapter, the author talks about doctors embracing the right way of treating patients and much more.
8. Right Leadership Training System - This chapter talks about creating leaders in the field of education, food industry, housing, transportation, waste management, water conservation and healthcare. The author says that these newly minted leaders hold the key to developing a sustainable world.

Some of the information that was shared in the end of each chapter in the form of snippets were completely unheard of. This book can be used as a reference where ever required or can be made as a part of the syllabus in the school since the information that is shared in this book, if implemented across every sector, would surely lead to a Utopian Economy. 

This book is available on Amazon as eBook.