Perfect Waterproof Laptop Cover

Rainy season has arrived. It is time to protect our gadgets. While most of the mobile phones are either IP67 or IP68 rated, when it comes to laptop, it is a pain to keep them safe from rains(read as water). Though we keep them in a bag which is water proof, we still feel that it may not be good enough to protect our gadget.

When I saw this Waterproof Laptop Cover, I decided to go for it immediately. I am completely satisfied with 

1. Quality of the product 
2. Product itself

The material is of high quality and is scratch proof. Secondly, it is a perfect fit for my 15.6” laptop. Using it is simple. Open the zip on the top. Push your laptop inside, gently. Seal the cover.

Infact, when I took it outside, it suddenly started raining. Though I was bit worried initially, I found that not even a single drop of water has penetrated inside the cover.

A value for money product.