Book Review - Dangling Gandhi and other short stories

Title - Dangling Gandhi and other short stories
Author - Jayanthi Sankar
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Zero Degree Publishing
ISBN - 978-93-88860-03-1

This is an impressive collection of 12 short stories by Jayanthi Sankar which would make you feel a differential kind of approach in each and every one of them. I have read thousands of short stories and novels but this one is unique. Author cautions you in the very beginning to read 1 story a day. You would agree to her view point when you start reading this book. Though the stories are short,the message it tries to convey through each and every one of them are intense. The approach is different and the writing style is unique.

You need to have a full concentration while reading this book otherwise, you might miss out on the actual meaning of the story. Most of the stories were set to happen in Singapore taking you back to a decade or two. If you have witnessed the growth of Singapore, over a period of time or have visited this beautiful country, you could relate to it. I had been there in 2007(my dad calls it his Second Home since he traveled to this Country for more than 20 times) and the memories are still fresh and etched deep into my brains.

These wouldn't take much of your time to finish reading it at a stretch but do try to read 1 story a day for a better understanding and letting them to create that effect in you. The variation shown in each story is what I liked the most in this book. I am not going into it as it may end up revealing more than what I had intended, the gist is this. Characters are different and so as the story line. Approach is different so as the ending. The story revolves around emotions which includes love, affection, passion, separation to name a few.

Read this book, if you would like to experience a mixed emotion....

This book is available on Amazon in Paperback format.